How Many Fish?

How Many Fish? is a data visualization project designed to allow exploration of a dating service’s matching algorithm by dynamicaly showing change in match percentage when a user modifies the importance weights of various compatability questions. We conducted interviews with individuals who had participated in online dating in our user research, which indicated a lack of understanding of the matching process and a desire to understand it better considering its impact. Additionally, an introduction to the visualization discusses recent trends in online dating practices like the tendency for users to rate profiles who share their race higher than those who do not. In conversation with this trend, the visualization includes demographics information of the pool of matches, which also changes as the user modifies the question weights. The data shown in the visualization was based on a publicly available data set of OKCupid users in 2012, but the usernames and some variables were randomly generated.

The introduction was created using Adobe Illustrator and Highcharts, while the main visualization itself uses D3.js.

Spring 2016 course project for INFO 247: Information Visualization and Presentation

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